Pulmochart Reference
The Spiro app determines common spirometric parameters from flow and pressure signals.



Either a new spirometric analysis of the flow and pressure signals can be performed or a previous analysis can be reviewed.


The analysis is based on the inspiratory and expiratory onsets of the flow, that were set in the Start app as breath detection results.

The flow pressure analysis consists of two parts, the analysis of spirometric parameters as continuous signals and the calculation of breath triggered spirometric results.

Either a new flow pressure analysis can be conducted or the results of a previous analysis can be reviewed.

New analysis
After the initialization a new analysis consists of 5 steps.
1) Calculation of continuous spirometric paramters ("Process the source file and calculate spirometric parameters")
2) Storage of the spirometric results per breath ("Store results of FLOW/PRES analysis per breath")
3) Calculation of trend-lines of the breath triggered results ("Breath triggered results of FLOW/PRES analysis - trendlines")
4) (optional) Filtering of the raw flow for validation purposes ("Filtering of the raw flow for validation purposes")
5) Review of results and loops ("Results of FLOW/PRES analysis - loops")

Review of previous analysis
Either the
- spirometric signals can be reviewed ("Initialization of the SPIRO APP: Review spirometric signals of FLOW/PRES analysis")
- loops can be designed ("Initialization of the SPIRO APP: Design Loops") or
- trend-lines can be reviewed ("Initialization of the SPIRO APP: Review trendlines of calculated variables per breath").