Pulmochart Reference
Overview of the Pulmochart apps

Pulmochart Apps


The Pulmochart analysis package consists of 6 different apps:
Start app Respiratory measurements are loaded and reviewed for breath detection ("Start App").
Spiro app Spirometric analysis are conducted based on flow, pressure and breath detection signals ("SPIRO/ FLOW/PRES App").
RIP app Respiratory inductance plethysmography (RIP) analysis are performed based on RIP band signals ("RIP App").
Gas app Analysis of the oxygen supply based on the oxygen signal ("Stats App").
Stats app Statistical analysis of the respiratory measurements are performed ("Gas App").
Export app This app allows to export selected signals of arbitrary analysis as csv file ("Export App").


Steps to follow for doing a respiratory analysis with Pulmochart

1. Selection of a patient and a measurement in the Data Manager
2. Breath event detection in the Start app
3. Further analysis can be conducted on the pre-processed data:
- FLOW/PRES Analysis (analysis of spirometric quantities of flow and pressure signals)
- RIP Analysis (analysis of respiratory inductance plethysmography (RIP) band signals)
- Statistics (statistical analysis of the respiratory signals)
- Gas Analysis (analysis of the oxygen supply)
4. Optionally the Export app can be applied to export selected analysis results as a CSV file.