Pulmochart Reference
Overview of the respiratory analysis package Pulmochart



This is an overview of the usage of the Pulmochart analysis package including the setup, the application background and the technical/ algorithmic background.


This manual is organized as follows:

Getting started with Pulmochart
The Pulmochart software is based on Polybench and requires the Polybench Data manager. The installation and the setup of Pulmochart before the first usage is described in "Getting started with Pulmochart".

Basics of respiratory analysis:
Respiratory analyses are generally used to examine the respiratory apparatus of patients. The Pulmochart software aims at the analysis of ventilated patients, including ventilated neonates.
More background information about ventilation and respiratory analysis is given in "Basics of respiratory analysis".

Basics of Pulmochart implementation and algorithms
An overview of the implementation and algorithmic details of Pulmochart is presented in "Basics of Pulmochart implementation and algorithms".

Pulmochart Apps:
An overview of the different Pulmochart apps and their application is given in "Pulmochart Apps".