Pulmochart Reference
Introduction of the Pulmochart Start App

Start App


This app prepares respiratory measurements for further analysis. Therefore an automatic breath detection is performed and previous analyses can be reviewed.


The Start app consists of 6 steps.
0) Initialization ("START: breath detection")
1) Specification of regions of interest ("1. Specify regions of interest (optional) in the raw file")
2) Assignment of measured signals to known signals ("2. Specify the signals in your file that correspond to known signals")
3) Specification of the reprocessing source ("3. Specify a source for pre-processing")
4) Set signal filters ("4. Set detection filters")
5) Processing of specified regions of interest ("5. Process the specified region of interest (starts at time ...)")
6) Check and correction of the automatic breath detection results ("6. Check and correct the automatic insp and exp detection")