Pulmochart Reference
Basics of Pulmochart implementation and algorithms

Basics of Pulmochart implementation and algorithms


In this section the basics as well as background information about the implementation and algorithms in Pulmochart is presented.


At first basics about the Pulmochart implementation are presented, followed by algorithmic background information.

Implementation basics

- The different Pulmochart apps require different input signals ("Pulmochart default input signals"), sometimes raw measurements and sometimes as preprocessed signals in different file formats.

- Input and result files of the Pulmochart apps may employ different file formats ("File formats").

- The different apps yield different respiratory parameters. A brief overview of the calculated parameters and their units is presented in "Signal and parameter index".
More detailed information about the different parameters and their meaning can be found in the respective apps, where the parameters are calculated.

- The different respiratory analyses result in different data displays and file contents ("Presentation ways of monitored parameter values").

Algorithm information

- Algorithm details, which are only required for parametrization purposes or as helping algorithms are presented here ("Algorithm details for parametrization purposes") and not in the respective app description.