Pulmochart Reference (ver. 5.5)
Start screen of the RIP app.

Initialization of the RIP APP


A source file has to be chosen for preprocessing, a new analysis or a review of a previous analysis.


Preprocessing can be performed optionally before a new RIP analysis, a new analysis can be conducted or a previous one can be reviewed.
All available files are shown in the panel on the left, called Available files:. After choosing one of the three options, a respective source file can be chosen in the Select... panel in the middle.

Apply QDC (optional)
The quantitative diagnostic calibration (QDC) is a preprocessing process for the sum signal of the two measured RIP signals (AB+RC). This preprocessing step requires to chose a Start app results file in the Select source file to calibrate RIP signals using the quantitative diagnostic calibration: panel.

Before the calibration of the (AB+RC) RIP signal, the source file can be reviewed via
Review source file or the calibration including a new breath detection can be directly started via
Process source signals ("Calibrate RIP signals by applying quantitative diagnostic calibration (QDC)").

New analysis

A new RIP analysis requires a Start app results file or a QDC file with a calibrated sum signal and adapted inspiratory and expiratory onsets for the sum signals. The source file can be chosen in the Select source file here for a new RIP analysis: panel.
The source file can be reviewed via
Review source file ("Review signals of original source file") before the RIP parameters are calculated via
Process source signals ("Process the source file and calculate RIP based parameters").

Review RIP

To review RIP parameters, a RIP results file has to be chosen in the Select a previous RIP analysis file here to re-view: panel. Then the different RIP parameters can be reviewed via:
FRC Changes ("FRC changes of (file name)")
Tidal Volume changes ("Tidal volume changes of (file name)")
Phase shifts ("Phase shifts of (file name)")
I:E Relations ("I:E relations of (file name)")

The breath triggered (BrT) results file must be selected in order to review the BrT results:
BrT Results ("Breath triggered results of (file name)")

Reload list
This button reloads the available files.

This button closes the RIP app.