Pulmochart Reference (ver. 5.5)
Check and correction of the final breath detection results.

6. Check and correct the automatic insp and exp detection


The final breath detection results can be checked and corrected. Therefore the inspiratory and expiratory markers can be modified and additional markers can be added to the signals.


The breath detection based on flow or RIP signals can be corrected and annotated in the review monitors.

Review monitors
There are four different review monitors for the breath detection results done on the different signals.
- Check Flow-based breath detection
- Check RC-based breath detection
- Check AB+RC-based breath detection
- Check AB-based breath detection

Based on the flow-based breath detection, the breaths are counted. A new breath starts with an insp_FL trigger. The breath numbers are displayed in the flow-based breath detection reviewers.

The signals in the review monitors can be scrolled by dragging the scroll bar at the bottom or the yellow Center Cursor in the reviewer to the left or right.

Additionally the signals can be scaled by clicking the respective buttons below this reviewer (from left to right).
(1. button: automatic zeroing of the offsets of all signals.)
2. button: automatic adaption of all signal offsets (shifting up and down)
3. button: automatic scaling of all signals (adaptation of the shown signal ranges according to the value ranges of the signals) If a signal is indicated in the reviewer and it is not visible, this might be due to an inappropriate value range.
Furthermore all review monitors can be zoomed with the two buttons in the middle at the bottom of the screen (from left to right).
1. button: zoom out
2. button: zoom in

Additionally the inspiratory- and expiratory markers can be edited in each reviewer and 5 additional markers can be set. Additional markers can be dragged from the panel below the reviewer onto the signals. All markers can be shifted or deleted, if they are not at the desired position. Markers employ red cubes which arise by hovering above them. These red cubes can be moved to shift the markers. Clicking on the red cube deletes the marker.

If the reviewers are not updated automatically after marker editing, this button updates all reviewers.

<< Start screen
Directs to the Start screen ("START: breath detection"), in order to perform changes in the current breath detection analysis. The analysis results including the corrected markers are only stored by clicking Ready and quit:

Zoom in FL and P
Directs to a screen, where the Check Flow-based breath detection review monitor is shown on the whole screen and the pressure signal is shown additionally.

Scaling, zooming and marker correction can be done as before.
The button << Back directs back to the four review monitors.

Ready and quit
Exit the Start app and store the signals including a new breath count of the corrected flow insp markers in a poly5 file and the adapted markers in a csv file. If a previous analysis was edited, new result files with an increased analysis number are generated.